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Community Information - Hiking

Ski Haus
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

It's such a simple activity to do that lots of people forget all about day hiking. They hang out on the porch watching the day go by and wonder why there is nothing to do. Nothing to do? Come On! Take a hike!

The local list of great trails is extensive. Not sure about Where To Hike? How about Fish Creek Falls, Spring Creek, Emerald Mountain, Sarvis Creek, Mount Werner, Mad Creek, Silver Creek, Rabbit Ears Pass, Buffalo Pass.... Nothing to do? No where to go? Are you sure?

The simplicity of the day hike is its greatest appeal. There is barely a gear list. In fact, What To Take can be as simple as some adequate Footwear, a shirt, and a water bottle. Your gear list will vary with the trails you decide to hike and how long you plan to stay out.

The skills required for day hiking are practically nonexistent. A little common sense, an awareness of your surroundings (including watching the skies for Lightning) and some motivation are just about all you need.

Ski Haus has everything you need to hit the trail for a day. We have a great selection of maps, water bottles, hiking boots, rain gear, day packs, sunscreen, film, socks, shoe laces, guide books, shorts, t-shirts, hats, waist packs, hydration packs, sunglasses, snacks, food, drinks... heck we'll go hiking for you if you want!

Day Hiking Suggestions

We stock USGS and
Trails Illustrated Maps!

Ski Haus also stocks a huge selection of guide books for Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and the West.


Fish Creek Falls: This trail is used a lot but there are ways to hike this trail without feeling the crush. Start early in the morning or start later in the afternoon. Hike this trail on weekdays and avoid the weekend crowds. Having said that we've probably scared you off but this trail is worth it. It offers super easy access, great views of the valley, and a great alpine feel without having to go to a great effort. Take 3rd Street to Fish Creek Falls Road, drive to main parking lot and trailhead. $3 parking fee.

Rabbit Ears Pass: The Pass offers wonderful hiking and wildflower viewing opportunities. Rabbit Ears Peak, Walton Peak, The Continental Divide Trail and tons of alpine lakes are all available to the day hiker.In the winter, Rabbit Ears, is a cross country skiers paradise and hiking the familiar ski trails offers a good time for the bushwhacking hiker. From Steamboat Springs drive east on Highway 40 for twenty to 30 minutes. A wildflower mecca!

Silver Creek - Sarvis Creek: Both these trails are located in the Sarvis Creek Wilderness. They are out and back type trails for the day hiker. This wilderness area is a little unusual for Colorado because the entire wilderness area is below treeline. There are still wonderful vistas to be had and following the cool flowing creeks gives lots of opportunities for the hiker to pause and enjoy. To reach Silver Creek take Highway 40 from Steamboat Springs to Highway 131. Turn South on 131 and turn left on CR 14. Follow 14 to Stagecoach Reservoir and turn left on CR16. Watch for the trailhead off of CR 16 on the left. To reach Sarvis Creek follow the same directions but before you reach Stagecoach turn left on the Dam access road and follow that to the Trailhead.

Devils Causeway: Located in the Flat Tops Wilderness, the Devils Causeway gets its name from a tiny rock crossing that drops away hundreds of feet on either side. Not for the faint of heart, this trail is spectacular with it's alpine setting and big climbs. This hike offers a superior loop hike but be ready for an all day affair. To reach the Causeway, take Highway 40 to 131. South on 131 to the town of Yampa. Follow CR 7 to Stillwater Reservoir. The trail starts here.

These are only a scratch on the surface of available trails for the hiker in Steamboat Springs. Ski Haus stocks a huge selection of guide books and maps for our area.

Give us a call, email us, or stop on in!
We'll be happy to help you plan your hike and help you with your gear list.

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